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Friday, October 19th, 2007
8:10 am - Returns and shit.

So, we are back.

Yes, after months of apparent inactivity (far from the truth if you happen to reside within our hallowed stronghold), tan tan tanuki is returning with shows to play for you and shit to sell you.

We will be playing a short set alongside Carrs Park and Frisson Knives at QUT Guild Bar Gardens Point on October 26. tan tan tanuki is scheduled to be on stage at 2045hrs. Admission is free, but if you try to leave before we have finished playing, you will be required to surrender your immortal soul.

Then, a few days later, we will be playing our first headlining show at Ric's Bar. Jane Doe will be opening up for us. So, if you are in Brisbane on Hallowe'en, October 31, please come on down to Fortitude Valley mall and drop in to Ric's around 2100hrs. We guarantee your entertainment, in one way or another.

In addition, we have almost finished production of our limited edition demo CDs. They will be available for purchase at $5.00 each, featuring four of our songs and a package design that we've spent a long time on. The print run is limited to only one hundred (100) hand-numbered units, so make sure you don't miss out.

Those dates again:

1. tan tan tanuki w/ Carrs Park and Frisson Knives

QUT Guild Bar, Gardens Point
2 George St Brisbane
QLD 4000

tan tan tanuki on stage at 2045hre
Free admission

2. tan tan tanuki w/ Jane Doe

Ric's Bar
321 Brunswick St Fortitude Valley
QLD 4005

tan tan tanuki on stage at 2230hrs
Free admission


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Tuesday, July 24th, 2007
4:04 pm - Yes.

We're still a band! We promise!

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Friday, June 1st, 2007
11:21 pm - i was certain this made sense when i wrote it...

High everyone, I entirely well desire the fact that is. If health or there is no I, but perhaps, all centralized purposes, it means the fact that as for us as for "the wave" or "so the well" it is fast really to that and said, "the wave" it is not secure is sought. But as for me 1 it does not come after and it must find the reference because of everything therefore I catch time eagerly the report thing the fact that the fact that work and this vegetarian where I am new are jointed together is tried directly it is busy. When just I do not form the opinion of thing easily, life is easier.

So such many people think that we would like to know, we who doing the fact that our first gigs are enormous, me are thought when have possessed the gig. But the people halves where we have known 2 gigs hate us if 1 Tsuga of the unlikely event it inhales, you reserve together rather soon, in order to try the fact that our latent characteristic fan everything between the gig is divided, I incline. As for that my mouth like the socks between now when you are moved it is attached entirely. The way if now!


Perhaps, I two times should try that with this. Classified by when it is remaining half of the half friend to our quiet, us where the gig it is good, are not liked on front and back and go, other show. If we many friends reserve 2 shows imperfectly excessively or, some half friend is permitted the half friend of one show. You are worried about that anyone plays for the family?


Hasn't my speech been made why just? As for me is there another planet? As for me it is somewhere? Therefore epigenesis, someone helps me! In addition, I think that we would like to know, we when have from the Tan Tan Tanuki movie night. As for me whence that our names are born our imperative this movie which is seen the empty, feels that so it is the shank?


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Wednesday, May 30th, 2007
7:34 pm - you've been warned


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Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007
8:22 pm - Grrr

Everyone shut up! I'm trying to think!!

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Tuesday, May 15th, 2007
9:25 pm - Shh

All is quiet on the Western Tan Tan front....

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Friday, May 4th, 2007
10:12 pm - 2027E Login failed: account disabled

If anyone is wondering what it's like to write a nine thousand word Senior English Work Program in a little over two days, I'll tell you now for free:

It's horrible.

Not recommended. Not one bit.

BUT! At least now I get to mix some tan tan songs. w00t.

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Tuesday, May 1st, 2007
9:06 pm

Here is a picture of Jordan and i. For those of you who don't know Jordan personally, he is extremely polite, well mannered and considerate. I don't mean that he is stuffy or boring, far from it, juts one of those people who are super-awesomely nice, all het And for those of you who dont know me, i am rude, tactless and IN considerate. this picture makes us fairly easy to recognise.

Jordan and I dressed at catsCollapse )

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Sunday, April 29th, 2007
10:11 pm - wherein cas makes an apology and notes on gigs.

Practice today was awesome. I am really excited with our progress! We're about to start rehearsing a shit load more and it wont be long before we can book some gigs!

it's funny, at every gig I've played I've never felt completely at ease with the songs. I've always been either hideously under-practiced or at least anxious about the inevitable mistakes. usually people didn't notice the mistakes (when they were little) but they still happened. I've always got up on a stage and though "holy crap, i hope I'm lucky and get things right". but i think, based on my ease with the songs today, when we play our first few gigs I'll be really confident. which will mean i can be more of a performer than just a singer, which will mean an awesomer show for all our loyal fans! woot!

I'd like to make a formal apology here to Jordan; Jordan my friend, i am very sorry i broke your glasses. I know it pissed you off and i will endeavor to not invade your personal space again, unless it is to hug you, which you would probably hate anyway, but which would illicit a better response than the glasses breaking. also, you are rad and i love the new stuff you showed me today (seriously folks, it is GOLD. you just wait).

teh ends.
love cass.

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Thursday, April 26th, 2007
8:20 am

Which is the hottest Tan Tan Tanuki member?
Get Your ownView Result

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8:11 am - I love

I love it that we are the only people posting here, and not that actual fans.


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Wednesday, April 25th, 2007
11:30 am - Tan Tan Tanuki Q&A

So I have been inundated with question about the band, so here is a general question and answer/FAQ for and from our dedicated fans. Yup. If you want to add a question just…ask it..and I’ll add it. Amazing.

Q: When will Tan Tan Tanuki be playing some gigs?
A: At the moment it’s a little up in the air. We’ve suffered a couple of minor setbacks with rehearsals which has delayed gig booking. However, we are about to start a rehearsal-BLITZ, and we hope to start booking gigs for around June/July pretty soon. There is talk of a secret gig, whereby we test out our live performance skills before we unleash ourselves onto the unsuspecting public. If you’re really keen, you can come to rehearsal! (and you can put in for the room hire also, don’t be cheap now)

Q: Is your demo available for purchase?
A: We are planning to produce a salable demo in the not too distant future. It will consist of four tracks ad a pretty inlay card designed by Jordan himself, and this will sell for approx $5. We will sell them at gigs and via our various online facilities/though the mail. We will only produce 198 of these so as soon as we start advertising, you’d better snap one up! At the moment we have four songs to listen to on MySpace. We are recording a new demo song every few weeks (or months) and replace songs on MySpace sometimes, so keep checking there for updates.

Q: Who is the hottest band member?
A: There is a lot of contention regarding this question, everyone seems to think they themselves are the hottest band member. It is true that we are a remarkably good looking band, which makes it difficult to figure out who exactly is the hottest. Judging by the “most likely to feature in FHM (for him magazine)” probabilities, Iam the winner. Jess would feature maybe in some other part of the magazine or maybe in Picture (she’s a kinky lady!) and the guys would feature in Dolly. Hopefully this clears up the issue once and for all.

Q: Your artwork is all so amazing, who makes it?
A: Jordan makes it, he is multi talented. Often they are self-portraits, if you look closely at that panda you might recognise him.

Q: What is with the “engrish” on your pages? Can’t you speak properly?
A: You’re an idiot.

Q: What do you guys do in real life (IRL)?
A: In real life, we are very important people. Jordan is the headmaster if a prestigious art school, Jess a stylist to the stars (e.g; Dresden Dolls, The Veronicas), Pete writes all the music for The Edge (U2), Chris is a champion body sculptor and owns several international titles for his rock hard abs, Aaron teaches drumming to under privileged heiresses, and I invented post- it’s.

Q: if Tan Tan Tanuki was a reality TV show, what would it be?
A: We would be a combination of Rockstar, Makin’ the Band and Big brother. We’d all live in a swanky house together and have to learn new songs, some people would be cut, and then we’d have to write songs sop that when we came out of the house we could be a ready made pre-packaged band. Brilliant.

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Tuesday, April 24th, 2007
7:56 pm - Subject:

Jess, why are you so cool?

Wait - hang on. I was thinking about that guy who plays guitar and sings... what's his name - Jordan?


Jordan, why are you so cool?


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3:20 am - Reticulated

Jess got her licence!


By way of initiation, she is now obligated to give each band member (individually) a lift to some really far away place. Like Brassall.

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Monday, April 23rd, 2007
10:46 pm - Well

It's hard to believe that we have our own Lj community. That IS pretty cool. i expect lots of questions like "jess why are you so cool?" and the like. Or maybe it will just be Jordan punching me in the head. Constantly.

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4:36 pm - Yes.

So. I just found my old account. I'm surprised I remembered the login information.

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4:12 pm - Yay.

Okay, since the appropriate motivation for assignment work is not entirely forthcoming (although deadlines are looming perilously close), I've turned to writing songs. Oh, the pain. If only procrastination didn't come in the form of what I actually want to occupy the rest of my life with, I'd be a far more dedicated BEd student.

Speaking of dedication, does anyone know what needs to be done in order to be eligible to work in libraries? Is a Cert II in Library/Information Services enough?

Right, well... I guess I'd better do something about these assignments. I wish I didn't hate this course so much.

Rehearsal on Sunday, w00t! Can't wait. Hopefully Cassie has time to get some vocals recorded in the morning before we head off.

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Sunday, April 22nd, 2007
11:31 pm - i feel pretty, oh so pretty...

right, where the heck are all our fans? i'm a giant ear, waiting for you questions and comments, COME ON! give me something to work with here, it's nearly midnight, i gotta be up in 6 hours and i am still trawling the internets for something awesome to entertain me. lame lame lame.

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Friday, April 20th, 2007
9:08 pm - please welcome tan tan tanuki to livejournal!

This is the first real post to this brand spankin' new eljay for tan tan tanuki! Huzzah!

now everyone make sure you head on over to our myspace to hear a few of our tracks. Currently we have on the playlist; 'Waiting for you',' Oh! Oh! Oh!', 'Wolf and Red Hood' and ' No friend of Mine'. We are constantly writing and recording new material so make sure you keep checking here and myspace for updates!

This is, for now (until someone posts naughty stuff) an open, unmoderated community. This means anyone can post in the journal and your posts will be posted immediately. I really hope i don't have to resort to approving posts or limiting posting to band members only, then it will be just me posting and man how boring that will be. So please, post freely, post often and most importantly, post nicely!


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