Flashlights! Nightmares! Sudden Explosions! (imajika) wrote in tan_tan_tanuki,
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please welcome tan tan tanuki to livejournal!

This is the first real post to this brand spankin' new eljay for tan tan tanuki! Huzzah!

now everyone make sure you head on over to our myspace to hear a few of our tracks. Currently we have on the playlist; 'Waiting for you',' Oh! Oh! Oh!', 'Wolf and Red Hood' and ' No friend of Mine'. We are constantly writing and recording new material so make sure you keep checking here and myspace for updates!

This is, for now (until someone posts naughty stuff) an open, unmoderated community. This means anyone can post in the journal and your posts will be posted immediately. I really hope i don't have to resort to approving posts or limiting posting to band members only, then it will be just me posting and man how boring that will be. So please, post freely, post often and most importantly, post nicely!

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