Flashlights! Nightmares! Sudden Explosions! (imajika) wrote in tan_tan_tanuki,
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i feel pretty, oh so pretty...

right, where the heck are all our fans? i'm a giant ear, waiting for you questions and comments, COME ON! give me something to work with here, it's nearly midnight, i gotta be up in 6 hours and i am still trawling the internets for something awesome to entertain me. lame lame lame.
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I just listened to the demos on myspace - i love 'waiting for you' and 'wolf and red hood' (this particular song reminded me of bands that played in the bronx on Buffy!). i LOVE the sound. Tan Tan Tanuki - you are a breath of fresh air i the music scene - i can not WAIT for you to have a gig and your first CD - or am i too late? have there been a bit of both already?
no no, you haven't missed anything! we just got together in January(2007) and had a couple of setbacks regarding rehearsals, but we are getting there. we are hoping to book our firsts gigs for around june/july and we are going to be selling a 4 track demo at gigs and through the net for only $5. we'll only be making 198 of them (not exactly sure why we've chosen that specific number) so when we have them ready to go, i'll let you know!

thanks for your compliments!
i love you cassandra wall. your voice is sounding brilliant in the tracks!
awwww! you can be my #1 fan! like a non sexual groupie (unless you like one of the other guys in the band, but most of them are attached, so you'd have to have jordan!).
i havent met these band guys... perhaps i will fall madly in love with the unattainable man...

meanwhile i shall focus on my frenchie!

and i will totally be your non-sexual #1 groupie! shall i have to fight Brie for that right though?
brie isnt a "non-sexual" groupie *wink wink nudge nudge* so you'll have that honor all to yourself!
Oh, I get it... people will have to settle for me because I'm the only single one, is that it?
that's exactly right. you know that everyone is going to want Pete first, the lead guitarist always pulls the most chicks. maybe you should cultivate that "tortured artist" persona and prove me wrong!
Eff that, little lady. Pete needs to show up for rehearsal before he can pull anything.

The tortured artist thing is hackneyed. I don't need to cultivate a 'tortured artist' persona... when people see that I have to play in a band with you, Chris, Pete, Jess and Aaron, they will instantly understand the pain I must be experiencing daily.
Ouch, Jordan.
Everybody knows that everybody goes for the moody keyboard player. Even if nobody knows who they are, they stand back and go "OOOOOH she's so moody."