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Okay, since the appropriate motivation for assignment work is not entirely forthcoming (although deadlines are looming perilously close), I've turned to writing songs. Oh, the pain. If only procrastination didn't come in the form of what I actually want to occupy the rest of my life with, I'd be a far more dedicated BEd student.

Speaking of dedication, does anyone know what needs to be done in order to be eligible to work in libraries? Is a Cert II in Library/Information Services enough?

Right, well... I guess I'd better do something about these assignments. I wish I didn't hate this course so much.

Rehearsal on Sunday, w00t! Can't wait. Hopefully Cassie has time to get some vocals recorded in the morning before we head off.
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i am all yours on Sunday morning (better treat me right!) and I'm looking forward to it too, because I've been a writing machine! compared to usual, that is. ever since you mentioned the (forthcoming) aria nomination i have been visualizing us WINNING, and voila, all of a sudden l this inspiration came to me. i have two skeletons of songs written today. how amazing. one of them is called "no scat today" and yes, i actually (try to) scat. and it has hand claps too! my vision for this songs seems great. i hope you're up for the challenge!

i am procrastinating too, something chronic. i have.. 2 assignments due next week and one speech to write and present. i could cry i am soo scared, and lazy. bad combination.
Hahaha! ARIA. Ha.

Scared -and- lazy? I agree, bad combination... but that's kind of how I've been for my whole course and I'm now approaching the end of fourth year. If I'm like this now, that must be a pretty sure sign that this profession is not for me.

Attempted scat and hand claps = totally. Looking forward to this.