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Tan Tan Tanuki Q&A

So I have been inundated with question about the band, so here is a general question and answer/FAQ for and from our dedicated fans. Yup. If you want to add a question just…ask it..and I’ll add it. Amazing.

Q: When will Tan Tan Tanuki be playing some gigs?
A: At the moment it’s a little up in the air. We’ve suffered a couple of minor setbacks with rehearsals which has delayed gig booking. However, we are about to start a rehearsal-BLITZ, and we hope to start booking gigs for around June/July pretty soon. There is talk of a secret gig, whereby we test out our live performance skills before we unleash ourselves onto the unsuspecting public. If you’re really keen, you can come to rehearsal! (and you can put in for the room hire also, don’t be cheap now)

Q: Is your demo available for purchase?
A: We are planning to produce a salable demo in the not too distant future. It will consist of four tracks ad a pretty inlay card designed by Jordan himself, and this will sell for approx $5. We will sell them at gigs and via our various online facilities/though the mail. We will only produce 198 of these so as soon as we start advertising, you’d better snap one up! At the moment we have four songs to listen to on MySpace. We are recording a new demo song every few weeks (or months) and replace songs on MySpace sometimes, so keep checking there for updates.

Q: Who is the hottest band member?
A: There is a lot of contention regarding this question, everyone seems to think they themselves are the hottest band member. It is true that we are a remarkably good looking band, which makes it difficult to figure out who exactly is the hottest. Judging by the “most likely to feature in FHM (for him magazine)” probabilities, Iam the winner. Jess would feature maybe in some other part of the magazine or maybe in Picture (she’s a kinky lady!) and the guys would feature in Dolly. Hopefully this clears up the issue once and for all.

Q: Your artwork is all so amazing, who makes it?
A: Jordan makes it, he is multi talented. Often they are self-portraits, if you look closely at that panda you might recognise him.

Q: What is with the “engrish” on your pages? Can’t you speak properly?
A: You’re an idiot.

Q: What do you guys do in real life (IRL)?
A: In real life, we are very important people. Jordan is the headmaster if a prestigious art school, Jess a stylist to the stars (e.g; Dresden Dolls, The Veronicas), Pete writes all the music for The Edge (U2), Chris is a champion body sculptor and owns several international titles for his rock hard abs, Aaron teaches drumming to under privileged heiresses, and I invented post- it’s.

Q: if Tan Tan Tanuki was a reality TV show, what would it be?
A: We would be a combination of Rockstar, Makin’ the Band and Big brother. We’d all live in a swanky house together and have to learn new songs, some people would be cut, and then we’d have to write songs sop that when we came out of the house we could be a ready made pre-packaged band. Brilliant.
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