clockworkxalice (clockworkxalice) wrote in tan_tan_tanuki,

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thats awesome. can you trace the voters?
I don't think so. But I bet you guys are voting for yourself.
yeha i totally did! but five other ppl voted for me! i think jordan has used his evil computer powers to vote for himself 11 times.
Bullfuck. I can't help it if chicks dig me more than you.
dude, the "chicks" you speak of are, i assume, the 17 year old school girls you teach art to, who idolise you because you're kinda young and cool compared to other teachers! i think it is a misuse of power to allow their votes to be counted, and i demand their votes be removed AT ONCE.
also, if you reply to the main posts, i dont get an email notification of your comment, which means i'll probably never see it. and that would be TEH WORSTS. so make sure you click on "reply to this" the link under each individual comment. yussss!
look at me, totally winning this inane poll!