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wherein cas makes an apology and notes on gigs.

Practice today was awesome. I am really excited with our progress! We're about to start rehearsing a shit load more and it wont be long before we can book some gigs!

it's funny, at every gig I've played I've never felt completely at ease with the songs. I've always been either hideously under-practiced or at least anxious about the inevitable mistakes. usually people didn't notice the mistakes (when they were little) but they still happened. I've always got up on a stage and though "holy crap, i hope I'm lucky and get things right". but i think, based on my ease with the songs today, when we play our first few gigs I'll be really confident. which will mean i can be more of a performer than just a singer, which will mean an awesomer show for all our loyal fans! woot!

I'd like to make a formal apology here to Jordan; Jordan my friend, i am very sorry i broke your glasses. I know it pissed you off and i will endeavor to not invade your personal space again, unless it is to hug you, which you would probably hate anyway, but which would illicit a better response than the glasses breaking. also, you are rad and i love the new stuff you showed me today (seriously folks, it is GOLD. you just wait).

teh ends.
love cass.
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I thought we sounded great. Except for me sucking. But that is a sweet apology to J-Tron. :)
You didn't suck. You need to play something before you can suck.


You're still learning the parts; no one is expecting miracles from you over night. Once I've finished these assignments, I'll organise a time to sit down and go through the parts with you.

The flute sounded awesome. I just wish we could have pushed your level higher. We'll set up that other mic for you next time so you can do your vocal parts as well.
Yeah, it was pretty okay. Looking forward to having these assignments off my brain so I can concentrate again.

And I agree with the importance of being at ease... that's why we need to rehearse more. If we can get it so that the playing side of things is second nature, we can devote more of our concentration to looking interesting. The responsibility of showmanship might fall chiefly to you, me and Pete, considering the most logical stage set up.

Apology, though unnecessary, accepted. It didn't piss me off. I may have looked pissed off, but it was just the fact that I couldn't see anyone. My impaired vision directly influenced my ability to non-verbally communicate with any other member while playing.

But yeah, I'm glad you dig those new ideas. Let's work on them in the holidays.

Every sha-la-la-lah-la, every wo-oo-wo-o still shines.